KPF, Selected as a female-friendly company in Chungju City in 2024

  • Date : 2024.04.04 16:40
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KPF, Selected as a female-friendly company in Chungju City in 2024 

KPF was selected as the '2024 Chungju Women-Friendly Company' on the 2nd. 

The Chungju City Women-Friendly Business Certification Project is a project to certify companies 

that strive to improve the working environment of female workers, such as creating a women-friendly

organizational culture and operating a system for workers' work-family balance, and supporting environmental

improvement costs. 


Through the '2024 Chungju Women-Friendly Business Certification and Support Project' competition held in February, 

KFP Chungju Plant was finally selected as a women-friendly company after the first screening according to the certification 

criteria of more than 20 items in three areas to create a good business environment for women to work and the second committee

review by the Chungju Women-Friendly City Development Council. 

KPF received high marks in the field of work-family balance support, such as maternity nursing leave system, 

parental leave system, staggered commuting system operation, and workplace childcare facility installation or childcare support system.

KPF will continue to do its best to make women and even the entire family a happy company 

to establish a workplace culture of work-family balance. 

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