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To maintain the quality and reliability of KPF products, we are continuously expanding our facilities and applying the latest technologies.


Hot forging process

Through our hot forging process we can make a variety of products ranging in size from ø19 to ø105. We are also highly experienced in manufacturing a variety of industrial use products, such as nuts and bearings. We have a comprehensive forging facility that can handle a wide variety of steels including tough alloy and bearing steels as materials for coils. We use our own forming technology that can prevent excess flash in bolts, thus producing a clean bolt directly from the mold.
Our mold technology enables us to make 100% of the forging molds in-house.

Cold forging process

Through our cold forging process we can produce industrial spanners ranging from M8 to M36, which are widely used in automotive components. Our cold forged products are renowned for their durability and precision which is necessary for the steering wheels, transmission components and engine blocks of automobiles. In particular, the quality of our sockets, valves and cases is highly regarded in the global market.


Our continued R&D investments are reinforcing our future competitiveness.

Our R&D is largely divided into our own technology development activities, and industry-university cooperative ventures with external academic research institutions. As far as our own technology development activities are concerned, in 1994 we announced our goal of ‘developing advanced technologies to gain a competitive edge,’ and have since continuously invested in technological innovation. Our investments have born fruit and we continue to develop new technologies every year.

As for the industry-university cooperative R&D activities, we have been working with both Aju University and Chungju National University to continuously develop new technologies and apply them to our production facilities.

As a result of KPF’s R&D efforts our technical expertise is widely recognized as evidenced by the certifications we have been conferred by leading certification authorities and the patents we have been awarded. KPF was named one of the top 100 companies in Korea with the best quality competitiveness by the Agency for Technology and Standards. Our top-notch technical know-how was recognized once again.

Details of development

Details of development
Date Contents
1996 Parts for automotive, Obtaining EM mark for slotted hex nuts
1997 Development of forming technology on the bolts without trimming,
Development of engine bolts for automotive
1998 A325 TENSION CONTROL BOLT, CARRIAGE BOLT, Development of cold forming methods of Plow Bolts
1999 Development of Ball Joint for automotive, Fixing operation of simulation for forging development
2000 Development of Valve on distributor for automotive, SQUARE FLANGE NUT, bearing(COMBI RING)
2001 Automation of locking feature for flange lock nuts, Development of stainless bolts by hot forming
2002 SMART T/C BOLT, Development of outer Race for automotive, Stabilization of T/C BOLT mass production
2003 HOUSING & CORE, TRACK Octagonal Track nuts
Development of heat treatment technology through series S.A(Spheroidize Annealing)
2006 Development of reinforcing joint with high strength by cold forging, high strength(F13T)BOLT
2007 Development of bolt and nut for propeller on wind power
Development of taper bearing for industry by forging
2008 Development of cold rolling technology on outer ring of hub bearing
Development of machinery technology on outer ring and inner ring of hub bearing
2009 Automotive sleeve sync, asymmetrical form rolling, aluminum cold sensor housing
2010 Side discharge for preventing dent of hot forged parts.
Hot forging load guard system for load management
2011 Manufactured medium & big size HUB, Heat treatment of bearing parts
2012 Lubricant to prevent H/T bolt failure, Cold rolling of gear blank parts
2013 Manufactured big size (1 ¼) TC Sets, Manufactured hot rolling equipment and parts
2014 Developed automatic inspection equipment for hot forged parts,
Developed material for brake pad of hot forging machine
2015 New steel for special fasteners, New coating of forging tool
2016 Warm forging process, Manufactured head and corrosion resistant steel fasteners

Development project of common technology

Development project of common technology
Development records Period Participants
Study for stabilization of torque on high strength bolts 1995 ~ 1996 Aju University
Development of rust prevented bolts treated Dacro 1997 ~ 1998 Aju University
Study for tool design and cold forming process for hex bolts 1998 ~ 2000 Aju University
A close examination of cracks on the bolts made by alloy (SCM 4) steel and improvement of manufacturing process 2001 ~ 2002 Aju University
Investigation of influence that tapping working condition affects to tap life 2002 ~ 2003 Aju University
Developed a bearing form rolling and finish process 2008 ~ 2009 Chungju University
Developed a forged form rolling, and a bearing heat treatment process 2009 ~ 2010 Chungju University
Developed non-phophated coating technology of wire-rod 2010 ~ 2011 Chungju University
Developed environment-friendly coating technology for rust prevention (1st year) 2012 ~ 2013 Chungju University
Developed environment-friendly coating technology for rust prevention (2nd year) 2013 ~ 2014 Chungju University
Developed environment-friendly surface treatment technology to improve coefficient of torque 2015 ~ 2016 Korea National University
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