TMC, overseas expansion of optical communication cable ‘Focus on strengthening global competitiveness’

  • Date : 2024.01.30 15:30
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 TMC, overseas expansion of optical communication cable ‘Focus on strengthening global competitiveness’ 

Establishment of U.S. subsidiaries to expand operations in North America market

Joe Biden, High Speed Internet Nationalization in 2030 Expect to benefit from the plan


As the U.S. optical communication cable market expands with the spread of 5G, TMC (CEO Song Soo-min and Ji Young-wan) announced 

that it will strengthen its global competitiveness.

TMC established a corporation in the United States for the first time since its foundation in August. This means that it will accelerate its efforts 

to target the U.S. local market as it has established a corporation in the U.S. for the first time while continuing to win project orders in overseas markets. 

TMC's establishment of a U.S. subsidiary to expand its operations in the U.S. market seems to be related to the U.S. "Nationalization of High-Speed Internet in 2030."

Compared to Korea, where high-speed Internet networks are already well established, the U.S. has relatively insufficient optical and communication cable network facilities. 

The growth potential of the market is as high as that. In June last year, U.S. President Joe Biden announced in a White House speech that he would invest 52 trillion won by 2030

 to achieve the actual nationalization of high-speed Internet, which opened the opportunity for TMC. 

In connection with the optical communication cable business, TMC invested 1.5 billion won in two factories located in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province, 

and introduced new equipment to increase productivity. Last year, sales expansion was not significant due to delays in the timing of U.S. infrastructure investment, 

but since it has the title of No. 1 in the global ship and marine cable market share, it plans to expand its business further to the U.S. market in 2024 based on solid manufacturing technology

and achieve its goal of increasing sales by 40% in the optical communication cable sector. 




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